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Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource my accounting department?

you want to be able to focus your time and energy on your business and its goals. By outsourcing the accounting to a dedicated and skilled professional services firm you will save yourself time throughout the day and be able to focus on the operations of your business.

Will I lose control if the bookkeeping is done by an outside source?

No, by outsourcing your books you will have more control since you will have accurate, up-to-date financial statements to utilize. This will give you more time  and money to plan instead reacting to business events.

What are the benefits of filing taxes early and what happens if I file after the deadline?

The main benefit of filing before April is getting your tax refund sooner. Filing earlier also gives you time you time if there is a problem that occurs such as a missing form or a question that needs to be answered. Filing after the deadline can cause you to incur fines and interest from the IRS. SBA provides comprehensive tax preparation services so that you never experience this situation. 

Who can be claimed as a dependent?

Each dependent comes with a tax exemption, so it’s important to solidify who can and cannot be claimed. SBA can assist you to make sure all claims are correct before you file your taxes.  

What documents are needed for income tax filing?

You will need W-2 forms from all your employers you worked for in the past tax year and 1099 forms if you completed contract work and earned more than $600. With these forms we can then help you to file your taxes for your income.

How can I find out more information?

You can find more information by filling out the form on this page and leaving a detailed message with your question. You can also email us at

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