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How is your business running? How efficient and effective is your bookkeeping system? Bookkeeping is a critical factor of your business success!

We offer bookkeeping services for our business owners, executives and independent professionals with highly competitive rates. SBA offers a broad-range of bookkeeping services that are fully-customizable and tailor-fit to the specific industry and needs of the client.

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Business Tax Preparation

Is the tax season one that brings you anxiety as a business owner? Let us deal with all the complexities of the business tax preparation while you focus on what you are passionate about.

At SBA, we always focus on understanding the business owner’s pain points in order to provide customized solutions. We pride ourselves in providing a much better experience than the “Big Box” tax service providers for our small and medium businesses… Our ideal approach is to develop a relationship throughout the year in anticipation of a painless tax season…

Don’t wait any longer and get on our calendar to get you started!

IRS Audit Representation

IRS debt is a source of much anxiety and our specialists are ready to shoulder that weight for you…

IRS Representation goes by different names (Tax Resolution, Tax Problem Recovery, Tax Resolution, and Tax Controversy) but in summary, Tax Resolution is a service in which we help you resolve your open debt with the IRS in a way that minimizes the debt as much as possible.

Do not delay your first steps towards peace of mind; contact us!

Personal Tax Preparation

How do you know that you are getting a fair refund? Are you entirely comfortable with your current tax preparer? Is she or he taking the time to explain things at all?

Tax rules are always changing; your personal tax return preparation is quite a big deal and should only be handled by a professional such as a CPA, an EA, or other qualified tax preparers. Many untrained tax payers make critical mistakes while preparing their tax returns themselves and end up missing out on tax benefits or worse: triggering red flags for an IRS AUDIT.

Our tax professionals have the training and experience to get you the maximum refund possible, while minimizing the potential of errors on your tax return.
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  • Offer in Compromise
  • Installment Agreement
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Innocent Spouse
  • Audit Representation
  • Liens
  • Levies
  • Trust Fund Recovery

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Budgeting & Reporting
  • QuickBooks Solutions
  • Payroll & Taxes
  • Other

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